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7 Ways to Overcome Your Shyness – Be More Confident

Have you ever felt awkwardly quite at a gathering? Do you ever wish to voice your opinion but you can’t? Are you shy in your class and suffering on grading because of not being able to interact with the teacher? Do you want to stand out in a group but you feel you can’t? Do you wanna shine bright among your age fellows but you feel you are not confident enough? Do you aspire to be a different person and have been admiring confident people around you? Do you want to overcome your shyness and be more confident?

Trust me it’s so easy for you to become one such person. With little bit of practice and following a few tips you can easily overcome your shyness and become a far better, confident person.

You do not need to think you will stay same for rest of your life!!! It’s nothing to be worried about. All you need to do is to work on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses with little efforts.

Now, here are the 7 ways to overcome your shyness and become the person you have been striving for

Look Your Best

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If you are focusing on to bring in confidence in your personality, the first thing you should focus on is on your outlook (the way you dress up and carry yourself). Try different looks, different attires and different make ups (if you are a girl) and form a signature style of yours which suits you the best. Studies prove you feel confident when you look good. You might have noticed yourself when you shop on your own and wear those clothes/ shoes/ accessories you bought, it brings a certain confidence in you. So attain that first and then start working on rest. This will help you to overcome your shyness fast.

Express Your Views When With Friends

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Try to make such friends who are extrovert and usually generate a debate. Being friends with such people who express their opinion easily will make you come out of your nut shell as you will feel comfortable in sharing your views. Friends are mostly not judgmental and always weigh your opinion and as they say a man is known by the company he keeps, a good company will bring good results and will help you to get rid of shyness fast.

Rehearse Being Confident

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If you are a shy person you will definitely have a lot in your mind but it would not be easy for you to express yourself always, shy people are afraid that their point of view might be rejected or they might not be able to properly express their opinion. Well, you can come over this with much ease, all what you have to do is to imagine yourself being in a situation and being comfortable and relaxed, it might sound strange but trust me once you land in such situation you will feel you are relaxed and can easily manage to handle the situation confidently. This is how you can overcome your shyness and be more confident.

Face Your Fear

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Usually, our fear is built around situations we avoid the most. If you fear a situation you should deliberately try to be in that situation. Try purposefully putting yourself in as many social situations as you can. This might sound unrealistic but here we are trying to test and incorporate as many strategies as we can, some will work some simply won’t. We are not looking for a magic here, all we need is to keep on trying until we reach our goal. So this is yet another way you can stop being shy and quiet.

Initiate Petty Talks

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Small talks can boost your confidence to a high level. Try talking in your official meetings, at family gatherings, in a bank with the manager or even at your favorite cloth store with your favorite customer representative. You will be able to initiate talks and your shyness will start to fade as you will start gaining confidence and expressing yourself, this will help you to get from shy to confident.

Read Extensively

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Man o man you just don’t know how reading can change you inside out. If you read a lot you definitely know a lot and when you know a lot you can talk about anything literally ANYTHING. So do yourself this favor of reading whatever you can get to read be it the daily newspaper, your favorite author’s books or recommended material. Make a list of the must-read books and do not take a lifetime to finish them. The more you read the more confident you will be and will easily get rid of your shyness fast.

Stay Away From Negative People

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Last but not the least, stay away from people who make you feel uncomfortable or bring epic awfulness when they are around you. You know who these people are if they let you down and make you feel undervalued just run away from them. Stop interacting with such people whether they are in your friends’ circle, in your neighborhood or in your family, you don’t have to misbehave with them just try to minimize your contact with them, instead surround yourself with best of the best people you can. Those who will understand you and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Such people will bring positive changes in your life and will make you stop being shy and quiet.

Remember, if you need to change something in your life change yourself first and try to become the person you aspire to become. There are no hard and fast rules for anything, you will have to achieve all this through trial and error method.

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Your life will not change overnight neither are we looking for a magic here. Just stick to your goal and steadily work to focus on your strengths and to overcome your weaknesses.

You will be amazed to see the person you transform into

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