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Criticism – How to deal with criticism positively

Criticism is an expression which is used for disapproval over the faults of a person or thing. It can also be described as judgment passed based on merits. Criticism, on the whole, is usually disliked by everyone; to be honest it’s not fun to receive a criticism from anyone. We agree that it is hard to deal with criticism positively it can shake your confidence and leave you fleeing inadequate and self-conscious. It may easily lead you to suffer and must be dealt with nobility.

On the flip side hearing, someone’s opinion can significantly improve your performance, behavior or relationship. So there’s no harm in having a constructive approach towards it. All you need to do is to filter out a few aspects and you will be good to deal criticism.

Criticism- Hurtful or helpful

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First of all, you need to distinguish the hurtful criticism from the helpful criticism. You need to know that the person confronting you is doing it to bring a positive change in you or is completely invalid and was only meant to hurt you.  It’s not a rocket science to able to feel the difference between the two, first of all, analyze if there is any truth in what you are being criticized for? If yes then trust me you are receiving help in disguise.

Secondly look for the type of person inflicting his thoughts upon you, if the person has a negative personality or their criticism,  and is just doing it for letting you down when you just have to wonder whether or not the person has your best interest in mind. This can help you to deal with criticism positively .

Listen up

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I admit it’s easier said than done. Telling somebody to be open to criticism is far easier than standing on the other side and being confronted. But having someone point out your flaws can ultimately give you a realization to step back, rethink and mend your ways of doing things. Criticism can be helpful, try to lend your ears and learn from it instead of getting offended.

And as we said earlier, criticism is not always supposed to be negative. If it brings an improvement in your academic performance, relationship or job satisfaction what else would you need? So being a little flexible can help you to deal with criticism positively.

Postpone your Response 

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This was a trick used by my father he used to postpone his response while angry for at least 24 hours. He used to say, for a person being criticized it’s obvious that the expression of disapproval may bubble up emotions like anger, aggression, and annoyance and so it’s best to let the emotions settle down before you respond. This may sound absurd as any normal person will be likely to give his response there and then.

Trust me after 24 hours the dust will settle and you will be able to see a brighter, clearer picture and your approach will be a lot more rational. The criticism as well wouldn’t look half as bad the next day and you will be able to weigh the good in it. This can help you to deal with criticism positively .

Remember the Message, Forget the Tone

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Sometimes the person criticizing you is giving valuable critical suggestions, but might not be using the right words or the right tone for that matter. You might be criticized in a harsh tone, but you need to detach the emotion from the suggestion and get to the underline meaning of the message.

This would especially not be difficult for you if the suggestion is coming from someone you love, be it’s a friend, family member, your teacher or boss. The trick is to pay attention to the message and forget the tone. This will help you to deal with criticism positively .

Accept You are not Perfect

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Nobody is perfect so there’s no harm in admitting that the same goes for you, and if you believe you are perfect then you are nobody. 

If you think you can do no wrong then you definitely will not be able to take any feedback and if you don’t do that how will you ever be able to improve? So look closely at yourself under the criticism you have received and identify your flaws so that you can work to fix them. This can also help you to deal with criticism positively .

Value Criticism

Value Criticism handle criticism 800x534 - Criticism - How to deal with criticism positively

We must admit, this is human nature to value praise. We feel very happy when someone speaks kind words for us on the contrary we feel miserable when criticized. But what if all that praise is insincere and is mere false flattery. We need to realize that life is not a bed of roses, we have to face criticism. Criticism has a critical importance in giving you a reality check. If it’s not there, how will you get to know about the mistakes you might be making? If we desire to improve we should invite constructive criticism and learn from the valuable suggestions.

Thanks the Person for Being Honest

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Last but not the least, if the criticism has brought about a positive change in you, your performance, behavior or relationship; don’t forget to thank the person for helping you. Only your well-wishers will approach you to make you realize that you have done some wrong and you might be harming your life in near future. Be thankful to the person as he has already played his part and now it’s your turn. This can help you to deal with criticism positively .





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