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Shocking Adventurous Activities – You Must Try These Before Dying

We use the word adventure very often in our daily routine but very few of us actually know what it means. The meaning of adventure is an unusual exiting or daring experience which includes a lot of risks. Without adventures, one’s life gets very boring. Adventurous activities make us realize how alive we are.

Below are some adventurous activities you must try before dying.

Underwater Diving

underwater diving shocking adventurous activities 800x375 - Shocking Adventurous Activities - You Must Try These Before Dying

Underwater diving is a lifetime experience. People usually resist it considering it dangerous but thrill-seeking activities near me are important as they make us value of lives. Moreover, there’s nothing to worry about when you are thinking for underwater diving as the companies who offer this activity has special dive boats made for this and they have designed each vessel according to the customer convenience.                                                                                                                                                                    The boat has fresh water showers, marine toilets, camera rinse tanks comfortable seating, ladders for entry and exit and a big diving platform. The company makes sure that the customer has a quality time underwater. They let them have the freedom to make their way anywhere they want in the water and do not expect them to follow the leader. They welcome team diving and solo diving too. They have enough equipment’s to entertain a lot of people at a time.

underwater divingshocking adventurous activities - Shocking Adventurous Activities - You Must Try These Before Dying

The company also provide experts who give all the guidance and support needed by the divers, considering their safety as the first priority. They give dive briefings, tell them the small hints to communicate underwater in case of any emergency. After the dive, divers get amazed to know about the peaceful life of the marine underwater and they get addicted to do it all over again.


sky divingshocking adventurous activities - Shocking Adventurous Activities - You Must Try These Before Dying

Skydive is yet another type of adventurous activity which requires a lot of guts and encouragement. For me this will be the most shocking adventurous activity because jumping from a helicopter into the air is not a piece of cake. Whenever I plan to go for it, I skip a heartbeat. A week before the jump, the training starts in which the opening of parachute, the body posture of the person and the indicators are instructed very briefly. The divers are informed about the dangers and they sign a contract which says that they are responsible for any loss caused during the adventure.

skydivingshocking adventurous activities 800x600 - Shocking Adventurous Activities - You Must Try These Before Dying

The aircraft height is nearly 14000 feet but it also vary from diver to diver. When the diver is asked to jump, that moment is freaking out but after the jump, the diver feels on the top of the world, he feels alive, he feels free. Then when touches his foot to the land, after the jump, he feels out of the world and it’s like a new life with new goals and determination. They leave the past and look forward to new beginnings.

Bungee Jump

bunjee jump shocking adventurous activities 800x486 - Shocking Adventurous Activities - You Must Try These Before Dying

When the name of adventure sports is taken, bungee jump is a must have. Before we go deep into the activity, we first need to know what ‘Bungee’ means; its meaning is rubber. The bungee jump is an adventurous sport in which the jumper falls from a very high place with a rope attached to him from the one corner and from the other corner attached to the place from where he jumps. That rope is usually a rubber rope, this is why it is called as a bungee jump.                                                                                        The activity is that the jumper will have to jump from a high place which can be a building, a bridge, or a crane. It can also be a moving object such as a helicopter or a hot-air-balloon. Jumper will have a free fall and then rebound from its maximum stretch of the cord. Safety precautions are taken care of for this sport, but accidents might occur when the harness fails to work or the cord’s length is miscalculated. During this adventurous activity the jumper forgets about the world and gets deeply into the thrill. This activity can be done in pairs and most of the couples prefer doing it together for the sake of experience and romance.

Climb a Mountain

climb a mountainshocking adventurous activities 800x600 - Shocking Adventurous Activities - You Must Try These Before Dying

Mountain climbing is an exhilarating, life-changing and a rewarding experience. It can also be called as life’s greatest accomplishment. There are different types of climbing such as; hiking at lower elevation mountains, scaling rock walls of mountains, climbing through ice and snow, climbing glaciers and alpine trekking, and traditional climbing on the moderate elevation mountains.                                        Mountain climbing involves great challenge, risk, danger and a lot of hardship and its one of the shocking adventurous activities. Climbing a mountain requires detailed knowledge, strong skills, and preparation with all the tools including; an ax, ropes, a harness, runners, and carabiners. As the elevation gets high the climber definitely requires these tools for ease. Many climbers like to climb to get the experience and the others climb to make records. Climbing is addictive, once started, one wants to continue it. The satisfying feeling when you reach the top of the mountain is what all climbers crave for.


Kids Adventure Games

Kids love adventures more than adults but usually, we see parents stopping their kids to involve in risky activities. We really need to understand, that adventure and thrills are important for children, for their personal growth and they should be exposed to it for the sake of grooming.

kids adventurous campshocking adventurous activities 800x450 - Shocking Adventurous Activities - You Must Try These Before Dying

Parents should take their children for camping. A good spot having a river flowing nearby, the view of mountains, under the trees, will generate a lot of learning for the kids. In order to make the trip memorible and comfortable, some items would be necessary to take along such as; sleeping bags, food, warm clothes, mats, pillows and etc. Taking children for fishing in the morning and cooking it for the lunch will provide a lifetime experience and a good family time. Then going for a walk in mountains and hunting for dinner is dangerous but will give you delicious food. Moreover, putting up bonfires with it will be all that you need.


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