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When I Feel Frustrated – 7 ways to Deal With Frustration

Frustration is a common emotional state which is related to anger, disappointment, and annoyance. Frustration usually arises when you are constantly stuck in a negative environment which blocks you from focusing on your desired goal and leaves you in a state where you feel dysfunctional. If you will not deal with frustration at the earlier stage it can influence your life in a negative way and you can end up on giving up on your dreams.

On the flip side, there is a silver lining attached to it like every other worst experience which we are unfortunately not able to see on the surface. When the dust settles the gift will reveal itself and you will come out stronger every time you encounter difficulty in your life? Well, that‘s the story of life!!

Today you are going to find out the ways to deal with frustration. If you follow these easy steps you will be able to filter out the elements which are the main cause of your annoyance.

Stop Comparing

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The first and foremost rule of coming out of frustration is to stop comparing yourself with any A, B, C person. Every human has a different life revolving around different circumstances. You can never become that person so please go easy on yourself. By constantly looking at what others have accomplished at your age will make you burden yourself with self-doubt. This is not going to do any good to you, on the other hand, if you attain self-confidence and stay focused on yourself you can achieve much more than you might have imagined. This is a good way to deal with frustration.

Fix the Root Cause

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Sometimes our complaints are merely about symptoms and we are constantly ignoring the root cause of the problem. Whenever stuck in a bad situation we should just step back, have a look at the situation closely and then reach to the root cause. If we feel frustrated over work we should try to manage our work in order of priorities, managing your work smartly by prioritizing and making check lists can save you a lot of time and energy. Hence reducing your frustration significantly, and a good way to deal with frustration.

Play the Game of Opposites

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Just like the law of attraction, every situation that looks bad has equal amount of good in it, just like the two sides of a coin. You just need to change your perspective from which you are looking at the situation. You just need to have a firm belief that the good is there in a bad situation and will reveal itself once you channelize your efforts in turning out the situation for the best. For example, if you hate your job you still need to know that it’s teaching you skills you can use on your new job, giving you money to fulfill your needs monthly and also it has given you a better idea of what your next job should be. See, by playing a game of opposites you can remove frustration from your mind.

Talk it Out

talk it out when i feel frustrated  - When I Feel Frustrated - 7 ways to Deal With Frustration

Most of the times frustration stem from a lack of miscommunication, it might be a person, situation or a given choice. We feel as if we are unable to raise our voice and what we do is we send agitated energy to the universe which in return would not do any good to us.

We need to understand here that no one can read our thoughts nor can we, so the best possible solution here is to do as much direct and to the point conversation as we can. Don’t go for hints or passive communication. Try to keep your communication as direct as possible. If you don’t like a certain person reduce your communication with him as much as possible if you don’t like the way things are happening, express your dislike over it. Remember no one is going to fix a situation for you; so help yourself. This simple tip can help you get out of frustration.

Remember You are a Human!

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Go easy on yourself, do not set such goals for yourself which are humanly impossible to achieve. Everyone likes to have a perfect life but don’t go crazy in order to achieve that perfection. Just set realistic goals for yourself, and then strive to achieve them through focus and constant struggle.

As a human you will have to face failure, you will make mistakes but don’t give up on your dream. Stay positive after a setback; analyze what went wrong and what you can fix out of it. This will help you to deal with frustration.

Shift Your Perspective

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Frustration is not something which stems out of the blue, it has built up due to your ignorance or misunderstanding of having complete control of your situation. You can either choose to cry, shout, scream or you can choose to learn from your mistake and shift your perspective to deal with frustration. You can accept your mistake, identify the cause of frustration and take it up as a challenge to bring the positive change in your life that you are looking for? Shifting your perspective will help you to find the missing piece of the puzzle which if put in its place can complete the picture and help you get rid of your frustration.

Don’t give up

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                                                      Last but not the least, don’t EVER give up!!                                                              Believe me, there is nothing that you aspire for and cannot achieve, Paulo Coelho says:

When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” 

Just focus on all positive attributes of your personality, block all negative thought and assure yourself you can do whatever you desire. Do not get upset with your setbacks.

Never give up, stay strong, learn from your mistakes and work on making yourself a better person. This will help you to get rid of frustration in your life.

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Handling frustration is not a piece of cake; it can literally drive you crazy. But, either you remain frustrated and make your life a mess or deal with frustration by keeping this blueprint in a front fight to bring the best out of yourself.

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